Cancer Causes

What Causes Cancer?

Cancer Causes

A variety of factors causes cancer. Combinations of several variable causes cancer, according to scientists. For example, Genetic, environmental, or constitutional aspects of the individual.

Cancer in Children

Stem cells, which are basic cells capable of creating various types of specialized cells that the body requires, are where many childhood cancers arise or begin. Sporadic (random) cell alteration or mutation is the most frequent cause of childhood cancer. Epithelial cells are the most common type of cell that develops cancer in adulthood. Then, epithelial cells line the inside of the body cavity and cover the surface of the body. As a result of repeated environmental exposures to these cells, cancer gets developed.

Risk Factors for Cancer

A risk factor is something that raises a person’s chances of developing an illness. A risk factor may not always cause disease; however, it might make the body more susceptible to it. The following risk factors and processes can cause cancer in an individual:


Some lifestyle choices, like, smoking, eating a high-fat diet, and working with harmful chemicals, may be risk factors for adult cancers. On the other hand, the majority of cancer patients are too young to have been exposed to these lifestyle factors over a significant period.

Family History

Family history and genetics can be the reason for some childhood cancer. Cancer can run in a family in various ways more than once.

Genetic Conditions

A genetic condition, Wiskott-Aldrich and Beckwith-Wiedemann syndromes disarm the immune system.The immune system is a complex mechanism that defends our bodies against infection and illness. And, the bone marrow generates cells that develop and serve as part of the immune system later on.

According to one theory, stem cells in the bone marrow become damaged or dysfunctional over time, and when they replicate to form new cells, they produce aberrant cells or cancer cells. An inherited genetic abnormality or exposure to a virus or toxin might be the source of stem cell dysfunction.

Environmental Conditions

One study showed that exposure to the environment Pesticides, fertilizers, and electricity lines are linked to childhood cancers.

Viruses Exposure 

Certain childhood cancers, including Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin lymphoma, have been related to the Epstein-Barr virus and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. The virus may cause a cell to change in some manner. That cell then reproduces an altered cell, which eventually develops into a cancer cell capable of reproducing additional cancer cells.

Chemotherapy and Radiation

While treating some patients, doctors use high-dose chemotherapy and radiation. Children who have been exposed to these substances may acquire second cancer later in life in certain situations. These potent anti-cancer drugs alter body cells and immune systems. People know secondary cancer as a disease that develops because of the therapy of another disease.

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