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Know About Lasik Surgery

Is Lasik Surgery Permanent? 

Lasik is a laser-based surgery that has been successfully performed all over the world since approved by FDA. There are very few cases of complications to date. If you no longer want to struggle with your glasses or contact lenses then it’s better to have Lasik. But you can be a suitable candidate for that. Yes, you read that right! Lasik is not for everyone. 

Therefore, if you are a suitable candidate then there must be this question in your mind whether Lasik is permanent or not. Well, Lasik is a kind of surgery that uses a laser to reshape the cornea of your eye in order to give you better vision. In the majority of cases, Lasik has been a permanent solution. However, a few of them can notice a slightly blurry effect in their vision over time. This generally occurs because of the natural changes that your eyes undergo. 

Age is an important factor to consider while deciding to have Lasik eye surgery. The reason because this will make sure how long your surgery will stick with you. If your eyes aren’t mature enough for this procedure then you may have some changes in vision after that.  Therefore it is highly recommended to wait until you get a fixed prescription for at least two years. Until then it will always remain risky to get Lasik eye surgery. If done correctly Lasik surgery can give you a clear vision for 20 to 30 years. Lasik surgery cost is way too affordable to become an issue. But there are some situations that might be a hurdle in your path. These are:-

  • Pregnancy- Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can result in disqualifying you from having Lasik. This is because these changes also result in fluctuations in vision. 
  • A person having diabetes- Diabetes results in fluctuations in blood sugar levels of an individual. This too can affect your vision. So if you want to have Lasik eye surgery it is very important to keep your blood sugar level constant. 
  • Thin corneas- Well, thin cornea is a big no for lasik. This is because your surgeon will create a corneal flap in order to fix the vision with the help of a laser. But this cannot be done if you already have a thin cornea. 

You must know that the normal aging process that results in blurry vision cannot be cured by Lasik. Also, if you had Lasik surgery before, then also you will undergo the same.

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Painful? 

Laser in-situ keratomileusis is also known as Lasik is a very effective surgery used to correct vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Once this procedure is done, an individual becomes free from glasses and contact lenses. They can see clearly without needing any of them. And that’s the dream of so many people with glasses out there. These types of treatments are really effective but they have certain limits like a person should be above the age of 18 years. Pregnant or breastfeeding women can’t have this procedure. Your overall health matters a lot for being eligible to have Lasik surgery. The results after this surgery will completely depend on the kind of refractive error you had. Although it works best for nearsightedness patients. 

Well, the pain remains a major concern of people when they decide to have Lasik eye surgery. Almost everyone has this same question. And this concern is totally obvious when it comes to your eyes. Now here’s some good news for you, Lasik surgery is not at all painful. It is the most painless procedure ever.

Before beginning the procedure, your surgeon will give you some numbing drops in order to make you calm from any kind of discomfort you might face. You will just face a little bit of pressure at the time of surgery but there will absolutely be no pain. Lasik eye surgery is the fastest procedure too. It gets done within 15 to 20 minutes. Once the procedure is done, your eyes might feel itchy and a little sour. That is why your surgeon will always advise you to take a good nap after this surgery. The corneal flap is laid back to act as a natural bandage. It will take its own time to heal. 

Your doctor will also provide you a protective shield to wear while sleeping so you won’t accidentally rub or touch your eyes. If you experience pain after the surgery it’s better to immediately contact your doctor. You can have a smooth and painless recovery by taking all the precautions as suggested by your doctor. Also, never ever miss any of the appointments. These are very important to keep track of the recovery and healing process of your eyes. Well, Lasik surgery cost is pretty good which makes it affordable for almost everyone. So if you are an eligible candidate, go have this amazing surgery. 

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