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How to Get Followers on Twitch in 2021?

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  • What is Twitch and how does it work?
  • Should I try my hand at Twitch streaming?
  • How to get followers on Twitch in 2021?
  • What are the Pros and cons of buying Twitch followers?
  • What are some basic mistakes that Twitch streamers make?
  • What are the different components in Twitch?
  • How do I start earning on Twitch?
  • What criteria do I have to fulfil to start earning through Twitch?
  • How do I gain high-quality views on my streams and clips?

There are a lot of streaming services that are available online these days. Most of these streaming services are an add-on to some other social media services. Let’s take youtube as an example. The primary service of youtube is as a video streaming platform. However, they do have a live streaming feature. This is also the case for Instagram, they are not a streaming platform exclusively, but you could go live on their app. 

However, there is now a platform that is exclusively for streaming! Today we will be taking a look at Twitch, and how this app quickly became the number one streaming platform for gamers and other content creators. We will also take a look at how you too could become a successful streamer and some tips and tricks to achieve your dream of becoming a successful Twitch streamer. 

What Is Twitch And How Does It Work?

Twitch had a very lofty goal when they started. They wanted to become the household name for entertainment. They first started as in 2007. This endeavor featured four content categories. However, it became pretty clear that the gaming category was becoming more and more popular. This is why in 2011, they shifted their focus to streaming gaming content. This approach blew up and they managed to raise more than 27 million dollars of venture capital. Twitch quickly rose to prominence in the game streaming market. Their position in the market was solidified as soon as their competitor- went offline.

By 2013, Twitch had an active user base of 43 million users. The Twitch community relies heavily on user-to-streamer interaction. The prominence of gaming streams got so popular that Twitch’s parent company- inc changed its name to Twitch interactive.

By 2014, the Twitch interface went through a refresh. Technical glitches that were present in the early version were revised and newer features were introduced. Owing to the popularity of this website, youtube and amazon both wanted to acquire Twitch. In the end, amazon bought Twitch for a whopping 970 million dollars in 2014. 

Should I Try My Hand At Twitch Streaming?

Twitch is first and foremost a video streaming platform. However, most of the streams in this platform are gaming-related. There are however streams for almost everything. You could log into a stream that is doing something you like and comment words of encouragement to the streamer! You could also buy your favorite streamer’s Bits. Bits are like little rewards. The bits can be converted into money by the streamers after they have saved up a certain amount.

Twitch personalities are usually revered by their followers. Twitch streamers can earn a substantial amount from their streams. They also earn through sponsorships and brand deals. These are all the reasons why Twitch streaming as a career choice is so revered. 

Here are some qualities you need to possess to become a Twitch streamer. 

  1. Charming personality
  2. A love for gaming 
  3. Sparkling conversationalist
  4. Technical know-how 
  5. Practical knowledge of the game itself. 

While Twitch streamers can stream all sorts of content, the most popular content is always the game streaming content. 

How To Get Followers On Twitch In 2021?

The popularity of a lot of Twitch streamers depends on how much energy they put into their streams. The Popularity of a stream depends on how many followers they have. It also depends on the watch hour of the streams. There are a lot of ways to gain followers on Twitch. 

Here are a few ways to get quality followers on Twitch. 

  1. First of all, find your niche. Don’t try to do what everyone’s doing. It is also important to enjoy what you are doing. 
  2. If you enjoy what you are doing, you will be your most authentic self on your streams. Your viewers want to see your most authentic self.
  3. If you have a following on any other social media platform then you should promote your Twitch account on those platforms. 

The way you promote yourself is the way you will gain your followers. However, if you are not prominent on any social media platforms and yet you still want to gain a following in Twitch, then there are a few ways you could go about doing that. 

  1. First off, try to get your friends and families to follow you, this will give the Twitch algorithm the necessary boost required to get your stream to rank higher. 
  2. If your friends and families’ following is not doing much for your account, then you could check into buying Twitch followers. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Twitch Followers?

There are a lot of ways to gain followers on any platform. Today we are talking about Twitch. A very important part of growing on this platform is gaining followers. A lot of streamers have had a prior following on other platforms before converting those followers to Twitch followers. If you don’t have a substantial following on any platforms and yet want to grow on Twitch- read on! 

Like we mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to ask your friends and families to follow your channel. This gives your channel a little boost. If your friends and families’ following doesn’t help your channel grow then you could try to buy twitch followers. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of buying Twitch followers.


  • It provides you with the following quickly. 
  • The boost from the bought followers will boost organic following. 
  • The extra followers will also help boost your search ranking! 


  • If you are not careful you could buy low-quality followers. This might be a detriment to your channel! 

This is the reason why you should do your research before buying your followers. 

What Are Some Basic Mistakes That Twitch Streamers Make?

Twitch streaming is considered a full-time job by many. As such it is important to treat the job with diligence and respect. 

Here are a few mistakes that beginner Twitch streamers make;-

  • Most Twitch streamers don’t keep up with their schedules. This can hamper the viewer relationship. 
  • Twitch is a live streaming platform- this means that everything you do in front of the camera can be seen by everyone. Therefore it is important to be extra vigilant while online. 
  • It is important to use relevant tags while streaming your video. The video title alone is not enough to help you gain a wider viewership. 
  • While you are streaming it is important to keep your audience engaged. Way too many times it happens that the streamers are so engrossed in the game that they forget to talk to the audience. This can alienate the viewers. 

These are just a few basic mistakes that beginner Twitch streamers make! But with time and practice, you too can perfect the art of streaming! 

What Are The Different Components In Twitch? 

Twitch is a specialty-based website. This means that this website has been developed to help people who game, gain an audience. This website has a tonne of features for streamers and viewers to play with. Let us take a look at the key components in Twitch. 

  • Name of features

Function of feature

  • Creator’s dashboard

The creator’s dashboard is the place where streamers manage the features in their stream.

  • Stream stats

You can check up on the statistics regarding your stream using this feature. Here you can check the stream time, the number of viewers on the current stream, and the number of followers you have overall.

  • Mod actions

Moderators are often required to run a fuss-free stream. Moderators help keep the chats organized and kick out viewers who are being indecent in the chats. In the mod actions function, you can see the actions taken by the mods.  

  • Bits 

Bits are little virtual rewards you can give to a streamer of your choice. This is a way of showing encouragement and support to the streamers of your choice! 

These are only a few of the many features available on Twitch. The best way to get comfortable with all the features on Twitch is by diving head-on and starting your streams! 

How Do I Start Earning On Twitch?

There are two main ways of earning through Twitch. There is earning through the Twitch website itself, and then there are commissions for brand sponsorships. 

Earning through Twitch:- Twitch offers streamers the options to earn through their Twitch affiliate program. Twitch also allows streamers the option to keep subscription options. This allows the viewers to subscribe to channels with additional benefits. There is also a form of viewer donation called Twitch bits. 

Streamers also have the option to start their merchandise or let ads run through their stream. 

Brand collaborations and sponsorships;- brands who deal in game-specific goods love to collaborate with Twitch streamers. They might send specific goods to review and recommend to their viewers. The streamers are paid a commission in return for the recommendation. 

Some streamers earn through affiliate marketing. They provide the links to the products they use, and the streamers are paid as per click-through rates or sales made. 

However, it is important to remember that to start earning through Twitch, it is important to have a moderate amount of followers. One should also have some stream views to qualify for the Twitch affiliate programs. 

What Criteria Do I Have To Fulfill To Start Earning Through Twitch?

Twitch allows you to start earning with no minimum follower requirement. Realistically you could start earning through Twitch with less than a hundred followers. If you have a high-quality following and high-quality video views then you could start earning within months. 

Not everyone has to be paying to be subscribed to your channel. Even if 10-50 of your subscribers are subscribed to your channel. This will provide you with an income of 100-150 US Dollars. Of course, there are tonnes of leeway for you to grow! 

Following a consistent stream schedule and properly interacting with your followers will help you steadily gain followers. More followers mean more paid subscriptions. 

However, to get to a stage where you are recognized by the Twitch algorithm, you will need to have a few followers. Like we mentioned before you can get your friends or family members to follow you. This will give you the necessary bump required to gain organic followers and views. 

If you are still wondering where to get high-quality followers and views, keep on reading! 

How Do I Gain High-Quality Views On My Streams And Clips?

Like we mentioned earlier. There are a few sure-fire ways to gain high-quality views and followers. But gaining followers is just half of the battle. Retaining viewership and holding on to your followers is the actual battle. 

A high-quality viewership will ensure that your channel grows in popularity. The views will help you climb higher in search ranks for your category. The more viewers you have and the more followers you have, the more paid subscribers you end up having. 

If you want to gain followers quickly, then you could be looking into buying twitch followers. Buying real and genuine followers will ensure that your channel starts growing organically. 

It is important that you only buy genuine followers from your provider of choice. The same goes for the views for your streams and clips. 

If you are planning on buying any followers, make sure that the providers have high-quality followers. You should also look into the retention rate of the followers that you are about to buy. Some providers will charge you follower retention for a period of time, while there are other services that will provide the followers for a lifetime. 

Did you know that you could use these services to buy stream views and clip views? Services like these usually follow Twitch guidelines. However, it is up to you to do due diligence and make sure you are buying your views from a reputed provider. 

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