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Tips to celebrate a birthday for kids

Birthday is a very special day for all the people, not only for kids, but when it comes to your little’s birthday it’s gonna be special for you, especially for those parents whose children are turning one or who have always been excited about their kid’s birthday. But what are some ways that can help you to celebrate the birthday of your kids like a pro!

So, here are some tips that can definitely help you guys to celebrate for kids:-

  • Manage theme: This is one of the important and joyful things for a party , so before inviting anyone make sure you have decided the theme for the party. You can select an animal theme, cartoon theme, pool party or any other theme you can select for the party. After deciding or selecting a theme, invite your relatives or kid’s friends for a party and tell them about the party theme and ask them to come according to the theme of the party. 
  • Decoration: Make sure your all decorations for the party or preparation are being held according to theme. For example if you select an animal theme for a party all things like balloons, candles, stickers and especially the cake are similar to the animal theme. All the other kids can come dressed in animal hats according to their choice.
  • Cake: Cake cutting time can be the highlight of the party because at this time all attention comes to your child. You can select a cake based on your child’s choice, favourite color or animal or according to your birthday theme party. You can design a musical cake as well. For blow candles the candles should be attractive like musical candles. This can increase your kid’s attention towards the cake. 
  • Organise a show: You can hire a local magician to organise a show for the kids. This thing adds another excitement and joy in the party or a puppet show may also be good and entertaining for the kids so you can hire a puppet artist for a birthday party.
  • Give them prizes: Collect some small prizes like coloured pen or marker, stickers, fancy eraser, notepad etc. attach them with huge paper clips. Now you can make a “fish pond” with the help of a big cardboard box. Make a fishing rod which has a magnet at the line’s end. This will probably be a great time fishing for their prizes. There are some birthday theme party planner in Delhi who can arrange this all very easily
  • Return gift: This is the most important part in the birthday party, you can give all the guest kids a stuffed animal or teddy bear as a return gift. You can give them craft sheets, stickers, colours, markers or craft materials as a return gift. 
  • Musical party: If your kid is too little, you can play some popular nursery rhymes or easy songs and let the kids enjoy dancing to those numbers. You can play some party songs and let them dance in free style. 

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