Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach

Google Word Coach

Google is the biggest search engine that provides a lot of helping tools. Now, it has given us a new feature that helps non-English speakers. This feature of Google helps in expanding the English vocabulary. The name of this feature is Google word coach. It is a very interesting quiz related to vocabulary. When you search about the meaning of a word. Then Google triggers a dictionary or a translation box. It asks to choose the words having a similar meaning. It expands your vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Google coach word involves you in a fun quiz and enhances your knowledge about words. It prompts two options and you have to select the right one. You can find this amazing feature of Google in dictionary and translation boxes. You can search ‘word search’ or ‘Google word search’ to get these options. However, whenever you search about the meaning of a word, this option appears automatically. People find it interesting to play. So, it is becoming a popular way to enhance vocabulary. Google is the leading search engine. So, it always works on its algorithm to make everything on its page interesting and engaging. This new feature is fun and liked by everyone. Every person tries to play the quiz to check their knowledge.

Google already offers different mediums like a dictionary, snippet, and Treasury to find the meaning of words. It gives solutions to not only the meaning of the word but also its synonyms and antonyms. So, the person can get the all answers in a single click. But, Google word coach is the simplest way to learn. Because it asks about the related word and lets you know about the answer quickly. It is the easiest way to improve your vocabulary.

When Google Coach Word was Launched?

This feature was launched in the year 2018. This feature serves to be beneficial for everyone from beginners to experts. Since new words are presented on a daily basis. And it is not an easy task to learn and memorize them all. But you can use Google word coach to learn a new word in the best and simplest way. Another best thing about this feature is that you do not require any other app for this. You have to type ‘Google word coach’ in the search box and you are ready for your English class!

This amazing feature was designed to encourage people to learn new words. They can improve their vocabulary in the easiest and fun way. You can play this quiz very easily. It is available on a web browser. When you search ‘Google word coach’ it starts showing some questions. Each question has two options. Choose the correct one. If you answer correctly, you get points. You can also skip the questions. There are a total of 5 questions in the first round. You can share your score on social media too. When you close your browser your points are reset to 0.

Google Word Coach Score

How to Play Google Word Coach?

If you search for a meaning or translation of any English word, then the Google word coach quiz appears after the dictionary. The quiz appears on a card. It has three types of questions. The questions may be synonym, antonym, and image that best fits with the word. So, it enhances your word book in an overall way. These questions come with two options. When you answer a question correctly, you are rewarded a point. But there is no negative marking on wrong answers. If you answer it right, the green mark appears stating that your answer is correct. And a red mark appears if you answer it wrong. Also, if you do not know the answer to any question then you can skip that question.

You will get 200 points for every correct answer. Right now, there are only two levels in this game. The scoring points differ as per the difficulty of the question. Every round has 5 questions. At the end of the quiz, you get your score. So, you can share it on social media too. Just below the scorecard, you can get the explanation of every question. When you tap on the question, a card appears with meaning, definition, synonym, and antonym of the word.

How to Download The Word Coach Game?

You cannot download the word coach game because it is not an app. It is available on a web search. You can add the web page of google word coach on the home screen to access it with one click. There is no current app for this game. But maybe Google will launch it soon on the Google play store.

However, this game does not work on PCs and laptops. You can only play it on smartphones.   

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