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How to Leverage SEO Content Types to Boost Engagements After COVID-19

We all are well aware of SEO or search engine optimization for being in top search results on Google. Every digital marketer knows the importance of SEO in websites. It is a vital key to reach the top position. Also, you need to keep constant updates in SEO to retain your position. The algorithm of ranking websites keeps on changing. So, your website needs to keep up with that. To come under the top results of Google you can hire an SEO service in Delhi. Because SEO experts better analyse your website and do necessary optimization as per the trend. One of the best ways to make SEO effective is SEO content. However, content does not only refer to text information. It also includes data available on the internet in the form of videos, visuals, infographics, and more. According to research, around 48% of the buyers read about the product before buying it.

Since COVID-19 has hit the world. This pandemic has restricted people’s movement. So, the internet has become a helpful tool during this time. People tend to spend more time online. So, if you have a business website and want to grow it, you can hire the best SEO services in Delhi. The lockdown period brought digital media to the frontline. People rely on the internet to gain valuable insights and to buy products. So, this is a great time for marketers to make use of this period. You can make the most of it by hiring an SEO expert. The SEO expert will make an efficient marketing strategy. The main focus will be on creating informative and attractive content for the audience. This marketing approach that focuses majorly on content is known as content marketing.

The pandemic has massive changes in consumer behaviour. Those days are gone when content is limited to blog posts and editorials. Now, you can use digital marketing tactics like email, social media, etc. Also, you can make use of third-party, interactive, and video content. It plays a vital role in brand positioning and fuelling purchases. Content marketing is cost-effective. Also, it results-driving strategy. As per a survey, around 70% of the users prefer reading to gain insights about the product. So, content is really important to drive more traffic.

However, do not rush to write content by yourself. Because you do not have an idea about keywords and content quality. You must prefer an SEO expert for your content marketing. Here are a few reasons why you should consider an SEO expert for your business.

  • Return on investment: It is a one-time investment. And pays you off very well. It enables businesses to capture more leads driving higher ROI.
  • More online purchase: A proper and attractive content drives more traffic to your website organically. It will amplify your brand reach to the target audience. So, you can earn more money with a high purchase rate.
  • All digital marketing strategies have an inclination towards SEO content.
  • It is one of the most inexpensive ways to build a network. It attracts engagement with little investment.

A business with great content can compete with other websites of the same niche very easily. The users are attracted by the content. Here is some favourable content for the business.

  1. Text or main content: A huge portion of customer satisfaction is directly linked with unique and engaging content. In addition, the quality of content largely impacts the SEO results. Also, writing is considered to be a prominent way of storytelling about business and products. It is mostly done in the form of blogs, landing pages, news releases, etc. Moreover, Google values quality content. So, it ranks your website higher if the content is unique and appealing. It should follow E-A-T guidelines.
  2. Video content: Video is also preferable among customers before buying a product. Around 72% of the users watch videos before purchasing. Video content is very engaging and assures brand quality. People tend to watch review videos to know about the product. Also, they tend to watch how the product functions to know better about it.
  3. Visual content: A new website visitor will take hardly 50 seconds to judge your site. The person then decides whether to stay or leave the site. So, here comes the visual part to impress the visitor. You should attract the customer through image posts. The presence of images in a blog post makes it more attentive rather than plain text. You can use memes, infographics, product photos, etc.
  4. Audio content: This is in its early stage. It is a passive way to attract customers. You can use podcasts, voice search, audio ads to enhance your business.
  5. Interactive content: During COVID-19 it has been a promising element for marketers to attract customers. Webinars, live events, online courses, etc played a crucial role.

You need to optimize your website overall especially it’s content to grow your business online.

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